Deep Purple

No better place to be on a mild summer night in Wausau, Wisconsin.

fish fry signOne place allows you to do more than chow down on walleye.



Return a flag.

flag returnHug a military sculpture.


Make like a pinup girl in front of a valuable Air Force Corsair II that made its bones in Southeast Asia 40 years ago.


There is fellowship over fish. Sisters who trekked here for their cousin Eloise’s memorial service tomorrow.

lois:janetEloise loved purple. Some people wear purple.


The Old Fashioned cocktail is analyzed, quaffed. Don Draper’s choice. You can drink one sweet, with cherries, or sour, with mushrooms. Let’s order a round.

tom collins


Bet you can’t drink just one.






Mid-life romance, second marriage engagement bling.



A couple of accordion players who will perform Deep Purple at the church.



More sisters, more gab.



And finally the fish.

fish plate


A mellow night.



A memorable lady who is missed tonight.


If you want to stay longer, says the waitress, you can go drink in the lounge.









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2 responses to “Deep Purple

  1. Lynn Kordus

    Very nice!!!

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Lori

    Who was the memorable lady who is missed tonight?

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