Rockets Glare

Hastening toward Wisconsin. Can it be a true road trip if you only drive one road? On the other hand, it’s a massive road, Interstate 80. And it’s the glorious Fourth.We begin at the GW bridge.

flagOliver has already finessed the jump from the  cargo hold to the back seat, next to Maud.

oliver back seatGil is principal road man.

gil's armsJohn Lennon’s Dig a Pony plays repeatedly on the console.

Well, you can celebrate anything you want

Yes, you can celebrate anything you want

The land rolls by.

cloud shadow

The trucks roll  by.


I do a road hog

Well, you can penetrate any place you go

Yes, you can penetrate any place you go

I told you so

Rain hits as I drive. Maud sweet talks her beau long distance.

windshield washer

Well, you can radiate everything you are

Yes, you can radiate everything you are

midwest sunset w carEyes drift over my book as the sun sets, superlative driver Maud in the driver’s seat.

I feel the wind blow

Well, you can indicate everything you see

Yes, you can indicate anything you see

Lennon later said he thought the song was garbage. Can you imagine?

dancers bookOn to the Chicago Skyway at Dusk.

chicago skyway


And then, all up the corridor through the great city of Chicago, starting at nine o’clock, splashes of fireworks go up from all the little communities along the way, on every side, red, pink, green, blue and silvery-white, some cascading right over our heads on the highway. Pop! Pop!

Chicago fireworks

All I want is you

Everything has got to be just like you want it to


Fifteen hours, forty minutes, over 1,000 miles. I’d do this again, says Gil. Maud says, Me too.





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2 responses to “Rockets Glare

  1. I liked The Painted Girls a lot! Something about the tone is perfect.


    I’ve driven I-80 many times… but… AHA! Did you enjoy the story of Degas and Zola… and the Opera and the little ballerinas? (Page 302: THE PAINTED GIRLS by Cathy Marie Buchanon) It’s next on my list.)

    Yesterday before the fireworks… I read PERFUME by Patrick Susskind (which you’d mentioned) … HORRORS! But as I shivered… I learned a lot about the era and the industry … and the geography too. TYVM.

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