The Middle of the Donut

There are certain things that make it a good day in the Midwest, in Wausau. A stop at Kreger’s.



Best donuts hands down.



A stop at the farm. Hay for mulching the tomatoes.

hay bale


A big old barn with towering rafters.

barn interior


A big old solemn dog.



A guinea hen chick that needs special care.



The horse with the velvety schnozz, always wanting an apple, wanting an apple, wanting an apple.



That apple will have to wait ’til next year, ma’m. New York is beckoning.

horse eye


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2 responses to “The Middle of the Donut

  1. Visiting family, laying mother-in-law to rest. A good trip.

  2. Lori

    Ah, that area in summer is something not to be missed. They do indeed know how to make donuts, but they have breads and (especially) cheeses, too. Love the shot of the ‘velvety schnozz”! Were you on a special mission to this place, say, to a book signing? Visiting relatives, perhaps? Whatever your reason, hope your weather is good enough!

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