Reviews and Interviews

Publishers Weekly interviews Jean Zimmerman about Savage Girl.

Starred review in Publishers Weekly for Savage Girl.

NPR selects The Orphanmaster as one of best historical  novels of 2012.

USA Today profiles Jean Zimmerman.

Marilyn Stasio of The New York Times Book Review praises The Orphanmaster in her Crime column!, interview with Jeff Glor, host of AuthorTalk.

The Journal News profiles Jean Zimmerman.

USA Today reviews The Orphanmaster:  “As in the best historical fiction, Zimmerman has created a kind of truce between the authority of the past and the accessibility of the present, revealing to us what it once meant to be alive, and what that history means to us now.”

The Orphanmaster one of 2012’s Best Summer Reads, says USA Today!

Interview with the Washington Talking Book & Braille Library in Seattle.

Jean Zimmerman, reporting from New Amsterdam, interview for

The Orphanmaster trailer.

Penguin podcast, The Orphanmaster.

First Flights: The Penguin Debut Author Program/archived chat, The Orphanmaster.

T, The New York Times Style section, article on Love, Fiercely.