A Select Bibliography

If you would like to read further about some of the subjects in The Orphanmaster, these books would make a good start. I’ve included my own book, The Women of the House, not to be self serving (well, maybe a little) but because The Orphanmaster grew directly out of some of the research I did for that book.

The Era and the Colony

[Stokes in his Icongraphy has all the documents one could wish for, rife with period details that I used whole cloth, such as the African giant who broke the double noose in which they were attempting to hang him. The Schama, also, is essential.]

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Alice Morse Earle

[Somewhat out of fashion today, Alice Morse Earle still rings true for her wealth of odd detail and focus on domestic life. Just don’t take her for Gospel truth!]

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History of Albany

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Women’s Experience

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Personal Narratives

[Here is the real period stuff, filtered only through the prejudices of the authors.]

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English History

[Historical novelists have been dining out on Charles II for years.]

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Foodways of the Dutch

[Doughnuts? Yes. But so much more. I’ve made a few of the dishes myself, and they are gut-busting but delicious.]

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