Stuck in the Middle of My Novel With You

I have been meaning to write and say that I’m taking a bit of a hiatus from writing this blog — but I guess that’s kind of obvious. Not that I don’t adore posting here, I do. And I have the greatest readers in the world. But I am stuck in the middle of novel-world, and my writing in the fictional format seems to be taking all of my mental energy. I’m telling the story of a teenage girl in Revolutionary-era NYC. She looks a bit like this, as I imagine her.


I have her portrait tacked up to my bulletin board. And now I have to get back to her.

I will still post here from time to time, and pretty soon I’ll dive back in to the real world, and my real blog, every day.


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6 responses to “Stuck in the Middle of My Novel With You

  1. Thank you — the character has changed along with the art.

  2. We aren’t going anywhere. We know that good art takes time, so take all the time you need!

  3. Richard

    Your girl has beautiful red Reavill hair.


    Aha. She’s grown up a bit since that portrait you posted a few months ago, the shy one by Pietro Rotari (I loved that one, too). Take your time with her, but keep us posted; we can wait.

  5. Kristin

    Thank you for the update! Love the portrait & wait patiently for your next installment.

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