Booklist Reviews Savage Girl

Booklist (March 1, 2014)

Savage Girl.

Mar 2014. 402 p. Viking, hardcover, $27.95. (9780670014859).

Debutante or demon? The title character of Zimmerman’s gripping historical novel seems to be a little bit of both. Discovered in a Nevada mining town by a wealthy couple determined to overcome the “savage” girl’s apparent feral upbringing, Bronwyn is introduced by them to Gilded Age Manhattan’s high society. But as the couple’s son, the novel’s narrator, can attest, she is perhaps not as innocent as she seems. All revolves around the central question of whether Bronwyn or the captivated narrator is responsible for the trail of bloody crimes left in their wake. Suffused with a gothic aura of dark suspense, this is a finely wrought psychological work from the author of The Orphanmaster (2012), rich with historical detail. The mystery stretches from society’s heights to its absolute depths and touches everything between, always increasing in dramatic tension. Zimmerman’s settings spring off the page, from the stinging dust of the American desert to the dank despair of the Tombs prison in New York. Immensely readable, Savage Girl takes the reader by the throat and doesn’t let go.

— Bridget Thoreson


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3 responses to “Booklist Reviews Savage Girl

  1. I can hardly wait to read your book. I have two daughters, both of whom have both debutante and demon in them. I want to see how well you have portrayed the title character, of course, but I am eager to see how this book plays out, and how authentic the voices of the characters are.

  2. Hack Attack

    Take it to the bank!


    Colorful review! Here is Booklist’s description of this reviewer: Bridget Thoreson is an editor at The Journal Times, a daily newspaper in Racine, WI. She almost always has her nose buried in a book, becoming so absorbed that she experiences temporary deafness while reading, to which her long-suffering (and somewhat hoarse) family members can attest. [Adult Books]

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