Stop by My Author Page and Say Hi

My Facebook author page has a brand new cover – it quotes Library Journal saying that Savage Girl is “A fanciful and occasionally surreal take on Gilded Age New York.”

And hey, I just reached 100 likes, a figure I’m a little proud of. But I’d like more likes, more! And more visitors. Come see reviews and interviews as they come in, as well as offers for galley giveaways. Savage Girl doesn’t hit stores until March 6 but there’s a lot going on before then.

I’m always trying to put up something fresh, not only about my books (Savage Girl, The Orphanmaster, Love Fiercely and others) but about writing, reading, and living in such a way as to make those things possible. How do you water an idea to make a book come up? Always trying to figure that out.


Something else: please post on my page! I would love to hear what you’re thinking about.


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2 responses to “Stop by My Author Page and Say Hi

  1. Thanks. We cast no aspersions on the west here in the east.

  2. I want you to know that I read every one of your blog posts, and the best ones I share on Facebook. I’ve been working at finishing this degree at college, so I don’t have oodles of time, but I always make time for your blog. Oh, and your books! The day I am too busy to do a little recreational reading is a sad one.
    Tho I live in the wilds of the West, I still enjoy reading how the people back East do things! Turns out, you folks aren’t too much different from us backwoods types.
    You do good work!
    — Lori

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