Break Out Some Bubbly


1950s_happy_woman_in_party_dress_at_new_years_eve_cork_coaster-rca26e1637d4a4d9dae56b4adf7a6d90c_ambkq_8byvr_512It’s the two-year anniversary of Blog Cabin! Time for a two-toot salute.


If you’ve been hanging around, you’ve read 639 of my posts. Sublime to ridiculous, humble to grand to grotesque and all in between.


And it’s been my pleasure to have hosted you fully 37,069 times. Thirty-seven thousand hits. And then some. But who’s counting?


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6 responses to “Break Out Some Bubbly

  1. I was wondering the same thing!

  2. lkcr

    Oh, and by the way, I am a trained mezzo soprano, and I have never, EVER, seen a brass instrument like the one pictured above! What IS that thing?

  3. lkcr

    I haven’t been with you nearly that long, but I have enjoyed your posts! The blog-o-sphere is richer for having you in it! Here’s to many more years of enjoyment coming from your lovely cabin!

  4. Thanks! And thanks for all your interest!


    Yesterday, at BRUNCH.. . a good friend popped a bottle of the bubbly, for us; I had to pour mine into my OJ. HOWEVER… I’d toast your 37,069 hits, any day! Cheers!

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