Making Change

It’s a good day for working. I just finished proofing the third pass Savage Girl galleys. Found some periods and commas that persisted perversely in the manuscript despite everyone’s best efforts. A few tiny, tiny changes make all the difference. If. You. Ask. Me.

Yes, it’s a good day for scrunching your forehead and working. Especially if your work is being on the lookout for deer.


But isn’t it a better day for rolling in the grass? Those fallen leaves add a toasty texture to a run-of-the-mill back scratch.

O rolling

Closer to waist level, the sun warms the fall berries. Where do they come from? The landscape has changed. All of the sudden they’re there.

red berries

Then there are the last of the morning glories, though they don’t know it. The deer have already had at most of their leaves. Soon the blooms will fold up their tent.


They mirror the arching sky. Contrails: someone’s going someplace.

blue sky

The morning glories unfurl for just a single day. Their only work is being beautiful.

This morning I revamped the front page of this site, and I invite you to visit. To improve is to change, said Churchill. To be perfect is to change often. I don’t know that I change often enough or dramatically enough, but I’d like to try something new.

For one thing, I’m settling on an up-to-date author photo. Not quite sure, but this one’s a strong possibility.  I like it because I seem bemused. Which I often am.

IMG_8745 revised


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2 responses to “Making Change


    I like the bricks and the neckline and the expression! Not too jolly, but cordial and gentle. Bemused? Preoccupied? Wryly amused? I’ve wondered about that word, and so have others. Here’s an amusing set of examples:

    Bemused? Bewildering –

  2. lkcr

    The new pic of you looks good! And your euonymus berries looks maaahvelus, daahling!

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