Adding Savage Girl to the Mix

I opened a new page on this site for Savage Girl yesterday… for now you can click on the tab for a description of the book, but more will come so stay tuned. The novel will be out in March 2014.

Savage Girl cover 3


I’m going to do some refreshing, refurbishing and rejiggering of the site also in the near future. As always, I welcome comments as well as suggestions for what you’d like me to cover in this personal magazine!


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5 responses to “Adding Savage Girl to the Mix

  1. I shall eschew the jig itself though.

  2. eric

    I never turn down a rejiggering. It’s a few notches above rerigging and a damn site better than a plain ole jiggering. Looking forward to Savage Girl and still loving the blog.


    I’ve heard of Grand-Babies… and of course Grand-Puppies… so this makes sense!

  4. Hmn, grand-fiction-father?

  5. Zimmerman Betty and Steve

    If Savage Girl is your creation and you are, in part, my creation, what is my relationship to Savage Girl.

    With love.

    Your Father

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