Escape From the Small Screen

Out of a doze, into a tavern. Burgers, seafood, beer. Prop up the cast on a chair, so much more comfortable that way. Cold beer, even nonalcoholic never tasted so good. After a dozen Breaking Bad reruns, the real world looks sharp, magnificent .

What’s that on your face, said my father to my husband.


It’s my project beard, said Gil. I’ll cut it when I finish my book.

Christmas isn’t for four months, said my dad, suggesting Gil could get a job as a mall Santa. He went back to calculating the check.


Just a touch more coffee, said my mother to the waitress. No, that’s too much.

Just drink what you want, said my father.

I’ll finish my cold, cold beer. Crunch a last potato chip. Swing my way home to the couch.

Jean on crutches

Did you know it rained today? Like sheets of rock candy, or maybe that’s from Breaking Bad.



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5 responses to “Escape From the Small Screen


    OH! It’s good (heart-warming) to see a pair of loving, perennially peripatetic parents, touching base with their temporarily hobbled (though usually footloose) daughter and her family! I might say.. it’s ENCHANTMENT!

  2. Well, you’re entertaining, anyway. I put the book aside for you.

  3. Andy

    Nice to see you ambulating, anyway!

  4. Steve and Betty Zimmerman

    Now we’re famous! You can do a lot with a little!

    I forgot the book you were going to give me. Please bring when we see you next. Thanks.


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