Le Maitre des Orphelins in Bookstores

I opened a plain brown packing box and saw something beautiful.

It is so exciting to see The Orphanmaster translated into French, published by the publishing house 10/14.

French O-Master Cover

It’s a great company that has introduced such English-speaking authors as Khaled Hosseini, Haruki Murakami, Bret Easton Ellis, Jim Harrison and Colum McCann, not forgetting Nobel laureates such as Toni Morrison. The house has always had a particular reputation for its detective literature.

And yes, this is the second time I’ve announced a French edition – it came out already as a book club offering from France Loisirs. There’s also De Weeskinderen, from Holland. And I’m eagerly awaiting the Hungarian version.

Hungarian Cover- Elhagyatva copy

And the Italian and the Taiwanese.

Holding it in your hand, the 10/18 edition is the chunkiest version so far – fully 500 pages!

Very fulfilling to think of Blandine and Drummond making their way around the world.


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7 responses to “Le Maitre des Orphelins in Bookstores

  1. Hopefully some of the other characters aren’t following them.

  2. Regina Kelly

    Wonderful I am glad Blandine & Drummond are doing some traveling too.

  3. I do have copies. I can’t make a linguistic comparison but it’s interesting to see the different covers.

  4. Lori

    What a thrill this must be for you! Good job!

  5. Steve and Betty Zimmerman

    Jean, Great! Hope they have sent you copies in all these different languages. Would be interesting to compare them. Maybe a German edition would be a good idea, too?


    Sent from my iPad


    WONDERFUL! C’est merveilleux!

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