Eagles Nesting 24/7

You may have a lot you think you have to do. Laundry. Work after hours. Dinner dishes. Pushing a cart down the fluorescent aisles of Shop Rite.

And there are a lot of crucial things to think about these days, from Benghazi to preventive breast removal. You have money concerns, I have money concerns. Someone is in the hospital. Someone else is terribly sad.

There is only one thing for it. Tune in to nesting bald eagles, a majestic pair with their big, wobbly grey babies, eaglets to be precise. Their names: Peace and Harmony. The webcam captures the birds in gorgeous detail.

mom eagle

This family has made its perch 75 feet in the air in a cottonwood tree in central Minnesota, at the edge of a river, and is available for viewing 24/7, any time you’d like to leave your real life behind.

One parent carries a turkey wing back to the mattress-sized nest. The other picks it apart, shoves bits into the chicks’ eager beaks. The mature birds are dashing to look at, as clean as if they bathed with soap and water every day of the week. You know that when they leave they’ll be riding the thermals, jumping on one for altitude then surfing to another, searching ceaselessly for choice prey to bring back to the nest.

The Minnesota chicks are almost a month old now, their primary feathers coming in.

Peace's primaries

You never know what you’ll get. Sometimes those babies just sleep the sleep of the dead, a couple of heavy-breathing feather balls, and you wonder why you’re paying attention. Then, suddenly, one raises its head, holding itself upright, improbably, the way a bean seedling seems to stretch three inches taller after a rain.

And after watching for minutes… hours… days… you suddenly feel better.



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4 responses to “Eagles Nesting 24/7


    And I haven’t signed in to the Ustream site to participate in the Live Chat.


    The Eagle Chat Room is a discussion board… I’ve read some of it (not much).

  3. You can definitely get obsessed. Do you do the chat room, too?


    Awww… I watch them for a few minutes every day. They hatched during a snowy week and they are growing up fast! Seventy-five feet up in a cottonwood tree in a nest that’s six feet wide (and I think it’s about ten feet deep too). I’ve watched for weeks… actually since the eggs were laid in March… and I feel better for it!

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