Toothpick Time

So long to the West.

slow sign

The conestoga wagons are long gone.


Bikes rule.


It’s a spiritual place, still.

chapel sign cu

I pray as I please.

chapel bldg

Don’t fence me in.

rough wood fences

Be sure to take a toothpick for the road. Especially one from Greasewood Flat.


please stay out ofDonkeys bite.




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3 responses to “Toothpick Time


    We love Greasewood Flat, an old stagecoach stop and bunkhouse (1880’s?), up in the mountains at Reata Pass, now a cool biker bar, off the road, just across from the FOUR SEASONS, SCOTTSDALE… quite a contrast. Look up the story of DOC CAVALIERRE, who owned it for years, Scottsdale’s eldest native:

    GREASEWOOD shrubs are known as Creosote or Chapparral, and their resinous leaves perfume the air after a rainstorm. The REATA is a braided lariat or lasso, American Spanish, braided from hemp, or better yet from very fine strips of cowhide.

    Time to leave came too soon; I hope you’ve had a safe trip home.

  2. Lori

    Lol @ Hack!

  3. Hack Attack

    Rogue use of apostrophe in the corral

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