Gearing Up for Knit-mas

We’re stepping back from the grid for the holidays. I heard on the news that the most searched-for items on Cyber Monday were Kindle Fires and Uggs. Well, maybe because I already have a Fire and once had some Ugg slippers (since dog-devoured), but I have agreed with Gil and Maud to keep a tight lid on domestic spending this Christmas. I won’t say how low the lid is, it sounds ridiculous, but I will say that there will be quite a few knitted presents emanating from my hearth. Probably some preserves, too.

Who is this for? I won’t say. Maybe Santa.

Something Knitted

Now, this doesn’t mean that anyone else planning a gift for me should necessarily put a lid on their spending…!

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  1. Lori

    Lovin’ the colors!

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