Continuing Care

Today I’ll be speaking at Kendal on Hudson, in Sleepy Hollow, New York. It’s a continuing care retirement community, which means, if my prior experience visiting one is any guide, that it’s filled with older yet peppy people who are fairly avid readers. Like many of us they prefer to check books out from the library rather than go ahead and purchase a copy. Still, I know I will have gracious and intent faces in the crowd at Kendal, and an abundance of questions. I hope that they will appreciate hearing a story so few people know — that of I.N. Phelps Stokes and Edith Minturn, their intellect, eccentricity, altruism and love of beauty, among other traits.

Here they are as young marrieds, a picture in my slide show.


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2 responses to “Continuing Care

  1. Thinking about a story that takes place in British-controlled New York City during the Revolutionary War, but not quite sure yet. Just now getting down to revisions of Savage Girl — and knitting Christmas presents!


    I’m glad that I know their story (thanks to you!); it fits serenely between your ORPHANMASTER and Erik Larsen’s DEVIL IN THE WHITE CITY. And I can hardly wait to read SAVAGE GIRL. Is your next project in the works? Ann

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