Stormy Weather

Major casualty of the storm for us: downed tree smashed the Suburu.

And when we walked out this morning two ancient 60-foot cedars lay stretched side by side on the ground next to the stream, their huge circular root systems propped up in dirt disks, right next to the dog cemetery. Like an old couple that decided to take cyanide at the same time. Probably that was the CRACK we heard. We lost power last night but managed to make do with candles, pot roast and The Odyssey read aloud by Ian McKellan. And a roaring fire. We count ourselves incredibly lucky not to have been situated under one of those cedars, lucky not to be at the center of the storm in Atlantic City or the Rockaways.

I managed my worries by knitting a cowl out of the Odyssey, with Aegean coloration, that worked like soft armor against the drizzle this morning.


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2 responses to “Stormy Weather

  1. Different car. This one sort of a junker, so it doesn’t hurt so bad.
    Funny to think that while we were softly slumbering, chaos reigned around us.

  2. Lori

    Wait … was that the car he drove 23 hours in???
    Ah, and about that tree … I was on a camping trip with family a few years back. It was the middle of the night, around oh-dark-hundred, and we were sleeping. I was awakened by a loud booming snap, and then the ominous sound of a tree gaining momentum as it first leaned against it’s forest mates and then crashed to the ground. It was terrifying because I didn’t know how close the thing was, and it sounded like it was very close.
    Come morning I walked around and discovered the downed denizen about 50 feet from our campsite. It was a good 50 footer, and we were lucky it decided to fall the direction it did.
    Stay safe over there!

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