Connecticut Book Night

Fine breezy evening in Madison, Connecticut. Ions off the Long Island Sound buffering my face in the oh-so-genteel seaside bar.

Then a packed house at RJ Julia, one of the finest independent bookstores in the land. I received a lovely introduction by Roxanne, the shop’s owner, and the choice of any book in the store to take home as a gift. Perspicacious questions from the audience. A sore hand from signing, always a good thing.

Earlier in the day I found out I will be doing a show with Free American Radio, which goes out to 25 stations nationwide.

After my talk a bunch of us, including some of my bestest friends, went out to a completely classic clam shack and had fire-roasted clams and lobsters, maybe the tastiest shellfish I’ve ever consumed, as the sun went down and the night turned blue. The lobster came freely out of its shell as though it intended to be eaten.

When I got home I listened to a cd sent to me by a  lively dj in Boston, an interview we’d done recently, that was a gas to hear even if I did sound foolish more than once.

Oh yeah, and I got an offer on my beloved Savage Girl.

More on that subject later.

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