The Common Beach Bag

“Your list of must-reads starts here” goes the headline for the New York Daily News list of summer’s best books.

To my delight, The Orphanmaster is one of the picks.

I can just see The Orphanmaster, its cover engrimed with wet sand, pages sticky with Froz Fruit juices, spilling out of someone’s beach bag. Or gripped in a sunbather’s hands as she squints against the sun.

The novel will debut on June 19, just in time for the July 4th weekend. All right, two weeks before, but who’s counting. I always start getting in the mood for holidays at least two weeks in advance. (More for Thanksgiving, which means serious hunkering down with the recipes. Click on the Food section of the blog to see more on the dishes Blandine and Drummond would have consumed.)

I wish I was at the beach now, for the annual Blue Angels air show, when you stand with your ankles in the still-bracing early summer ocean and the jets drop so low you feel you could extend your arm and touch them.

A strawberry Froz Fruit would be nice right about now, too.

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