Local Heroes

What could be nicer than having the opportunity to meet the booksellers of your home town (and thereabouts). Today I talked with representatives of Book Culture, an excellent store on the upper west side of Manhattan, around the corner from where I went to college and grad school and my daughter now goes to college. I also met people from Posman Books, at whose Grand Central Station location I have browsed away many a delightful hour and came away with many too many books while waiting for my train. Also, the owners of the Village Bookstore in Pleasantville, just a few miles down the road from my home in Ossining, where I often go for book-and-movie dates with my husband (across the street is that fantastic independent film house, the Jacob Burns Center).

Village Bookstore, thoroughly independent

The Orphanmaster will not be published until June, but these meet and greets are to answer booksellers’ questions about the novel, to tell them a bit about how it evolved and why it’s an exciting project (hopefully they will agree!). My publisher, Viking, has gone to all kinds of trouble to put these sessions together on the west coast and now the east, much to its credit. And I get to meet the people behind the kinds of bookstores I like best.

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