Book Psych 101

I am in San Francisco, where I just attended the Northern California Independent Booksellers Association spring gathering — had the pleasure of talking with book store people and signing galleys for them for a couple of hours.

I have not heard so many people so enthused about books since grad school (aside from the very small nucleus of editors/agents I know). Everyone was hugging galleys to their chests and racing around shmoozing with the writers there as though their lives depended on it. Which I guess they do, since these guys make their living selling books.

But it’s not just about the selling. They seem genuinely revved up about what’s coming down the pike, what’s coming up next season, who’s writing what, who’s doing the publishing. It’s a lot to handle for someone accustomed to the hush and nonattention of Cabinworld.

A lot of great feedback from people who had read Orphanmaster and people who couldn’t wait to read it. Apparently book people are pumped to have it in their stores. It’s so exciting.

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