Phew, whew, ahhh…

Home for a day and a night between midwestern booksellers and west coast booksellers, all of whom have so far been extremely nice and encouraging about The Orphanmaster.

Still it’s nice to be home to husband, dog, my comfy bed and all of spring exploding. Took a short hike today at the Teatown Reservation nearby. My friend Gary documented the season.

Skunk cabbage popping up.

Woods along the beaten path, waiting to burst forth.

Field, not quite yet awakened.

And, finally, two Indian lodges, one complete with a hearth and cots made of branches, the other collapsed and deteriorated. There is a scene in The Orphanmaster that features both of these!

Ripe magnolia blossoms on my deckside tree, wait until after I come back to bruise and brown! I’ll be home soon.

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