This blog post is about the Jewish food. 

For the Jewish singles event, see Matzo Ball. According to Wikipedia, “The Matzo Ball is an annual Christmas Eve nightlife event and party held in a number of major cities in the United States targeted primarily at young Jewish singles and organized by Mazel Events, LLC (previously the Society of Young Jewish Professionals).”




What was he cooking?

Matzoh ball soup, apparently!

Matzoh is definitely the food of all time. Some may say that it is the rite of spring. We, the matzohrazzi, decided to photograph and document our matzohbulous Matzoh-making process!

Since we are nearing the time of the cherry tree festival, here is a matzoh haiku:

Matzoh Matzoh Mat

Zoh Matzoh Matzoh Matzoh

Matzoh Matzoh Mat

In Japanese: 

マッツォー マッツォーマッツ


マッツォー マッツォーマッツ

We realized that there is no kanji character for matzoh, so here is Jasper’s artistic interpretation:

“Confucianism? I don’t really buy it.”  — Jasper

By ‘Ler and ‘Sper

The latest episode of Eclectic Home Cooking 101.

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