An iffy economy

shows its face in the Concourse’s commerce as it does every place these days.

Some stores don’t make it. This one’s especially sad, I think, because of the personal tag under the professionally printed sign.

In the dusty adjoining window, a mannequin moons passersby.

Then there is the epitome of fabulousness as well as success, the furniture store that is jammed with merchandise inside and out, where you can get yourself a new black lacquer dresser for $200. Lights glitter, mirrors decorate every surface. Most of all, catching the eyes of neighborhood walkers, is the bedroom set that I myself might fancy, if I didn’t sleep in a Murphy bed.

Soft fuzzy throws, a platform bed, sparkly lettering on overdrive, and a superconfident sequined jaguar. You can get it all on layaway. Maybe I could trade in the Murphy bed.

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