Parisian Time Machine

Here is an amazing story that concerns the Nazi invasion of Paris, a fleeing woman and the apartment she left behind. Not opened for 70 years, when the door was cracked it revealed a person and a style of life in a time capsule you have to see to believe. I think I’ll just hand over the link and let you do the rest.



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3 responses to “Parisian Time Machine

  1. There’s no place like home.


    Wow! For seventy years… “Incredibly, until her 2010 death at the ripe age of 91, De Florian continued to pay rent on her apartment.”

  3. Betty and Steve Zimmerman

    I think I told you that we have just finished 3 Robert Edsel books about this period, plus seeing “Monuments Men”. The photo book is amazing. I have it here and you can brouse thru it when you come. Also “the Hare with Amber Eyes” covers this whole period. These photos could have been in that book.

    More and more things are being uncovered, all these years later.


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