“First to Read” at Penguin

Please note that the art people at Viking have helped me with a facelift for the site, posting a new Savage Girl banner with a matching background pattern of gleaming orangey rust. Publishing a book is anything but a one-person job. I so appreciate all the help I’ve gotten bringing this novel to the state it’s at today.

The state it’s at… well, you’re going to have to wait to find Savage Girl at your corner bookstore for another six weeks, so here’s some good news. The folks at Penguin (Viking’s parent company) have a special program through which you can request a digital version of the book. If you love paper pages and a luscious new jacket, wait. If you want, though, you can jump in now, through Penguin’s “First to Read” program, and get the novel on your e-reader. Then please leave a comment and let me know your reactions.


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  1. “I did it, and I’m glad.” Thanks for the tip!

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