From Mormon Cupcakes to McCook

My brother, writer/photographer/perambulator Peter Zimmerman, has been a peach about furnishing posts for me while I’ve been laid up with an adventure-prohibiting bum foot. Here he is again, sharing an album of views he’s enjoyed recently.

AFTER BEING MIRED for eight long years in the New Age mecca of Sedona, Arizona (writes Pete) I hit the road about 13 months ago and now (for the time being) live somewhere in Maine.

“The sharpest pleasure of a traveler,” G.K. Chesterton once wrote, “is in finding the things that are at once so strange and so obvious that they must have been noticed, yet somehow they have not been noted.”

These are some of the some places I’ve seen along the way….

Mormon cupcakes in St. Joseph, Arizona.


Canola fields in Colorado’s San Luis Valley.


The Pottawatomie reservation north of Topeka, Kansas.


Mt. Kineo, Maine.


Steele City, Nebraska.


Big Al’s Rib Shak, New Hampshire (Al and Mary).


McCook Army Air Base (abandoned), Oklahoma.


Road to the Bisti Wilderness, New Mexico.


The Leaning Forest, New York.


Stockholm, Texas.


El Despoblado, near Eggnog, Utah.



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3 responses to “From Mormon Cupcakes to McCook

  1. As far as I know, since the Leaning Forest is deep in the woods, I’m the only person who has ever seen it, so of course it is not Google-able. However, you might try tilting the photograph on its side. 😉

  2. I am intrigued, Peter, by your picture of The Leaning Forest in New York. However, when I tried googling it I could not find where it is. Could you give me a clue where I might find out more about this place?

  3. podunk pete reports that he is no longer in maine and barreling towards isle la motte, home of the world’s oldest coral reef….

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