Il Rituale dei Bambini Perduti

Italy has weighed in.


My Italian publisher’s visual interpretation of the drama of The Orphanmaster is not perhaps what I would have expected. It’s baroque. It’s scary.

It’s amazing to think of people sitting down with a copy of Il Rituale dei Bambini Perduti, so far from the island of Manhattan in 1664.

If you can read the language, check out a book blog.


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13 responses to “Il Rituale dei Bambini Perduti

  1. I really like the French cover. Thanks! And glad you like the book, too.


    Wondering about the TITLE in Italian… it doesn’t seem to translate into THE ORPHANMASTER. Isn’t the title under copywrite?

  3. patricia SANAOUI

    Your novel has just been published here in France. It’s called “Le maître des Orphelins”. The cover is really beautiful. You can see it on Thanks for this fabulous novel, I really enjoyed reading it.

  4. I’d love to go back to Siena book or no book!

  5. Not yet. It just came out. I would be interesting to see the similarities and differences!


    Congratulations to the Signora Autrice… were you to return to SIENNA this year… you could sign copies in the local book store. WOW!

  7. Lori

    This makes me wonder how faithful the adaptations from other languages are when read in English.
    Have you had any Italians comment on your book yet?

  8. Right. I might see it more as Palermo.

  9. Thank you! I think the Italians like their stuff baroque.

  10. Amazing to think of Italians relaxing in Positano and reading The Orpan Master!

  11. Sorry, I didn’t mean for that comment to be anonymous – that was from me! Cheers, Carolyn

  12. Anonymous

    It’s AWESOME! The whole idea of its being translated into Italian is fabulous, and I like the cover, too – scary though it truly is.

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