The Orphanmaster Big Giveaway

It’s nearly April 30, the publication date for The Orphanmaster in softcover! I’m giving away copies.


I have a stash that I would love to distribute to early readers. Drop me a comment (with your email – nobody sees that but me). I’ll get signed copies off to the first ten that respond.


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13 responses to “The Orphanmaster Big Giveaway

  1. Thank-you for coming today to visit my studio. It was lovely to meet you.
    Love to win a copy of this book.
    e-mail is

  2. Thank you. I have another novel called Savage Girl coming out early in 2014 — it’s also a historical novel and it takes place in Gilded Age Manhattan in 1875. A mysterious waif comes into New York society and really stirs things up!

  3. I have already read it and passed it along….but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it and hope another book is forthcoming soon …than you

  4. Hi Jean, I loved “The Orphanmaster” and your other books as well. But I really enjoy your daily blogs and your great eye for detail. I hope to get a paperback copy! Larryetta Schall

  5. I just sent you one! It should be there in the next couple of days. Let me know if you don’t receive it.

  6. joanjennings

    Would love to complete by Jean Zimmerman Library with a copy of The Orphanmaster.

  7. Anita Morck

    Good morning. I would love a copy of The Orphanmaster. I am an avid reader and your books have been referred to me by a mutual friend. I thoroughly enjoyed Love, Firecely. Thank you so much!

  8. Hi, I’ve only read a little of your blog but the book sounds interesting. I’d love to get a copy of it.

  9. Nonnie Balcer

    Please, ma’am–please!

  10. Joan Sommers

    Your sister-in-law,Medith has been telling me about your books. I would love to read one of them. She said I should read Women of the house prior to the Orphanmaster. I would love a copy of the Orphanmaster

  11. Hello Jean,

    I look forward to reading it.

  12. Zimmerman Betty and Steve

    Greatsign us up!

    Mom & Dad

  13. Oh, I really, really want a copy of The Orphanmaster! I’ve been following your daily blog posts for quite a while now, just love the photos of your cabin, the storm you snugly lived through and all the wonderful flora and fauna of the area you describe so well. I have my copy of your Love, Fiercely on my book pile, it’s next in line! Thanks so much.

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