The Orphanmaster-edition Francais

The French advance reading copy of The OrphanmasterLe Maitre des Orphelins – has landed on my doorstep. The publisher 10/18 will bring it out in May. Isn’t the cover art terrifying?

Lucky Peach 2

The Orphanmaster has already come out in Holland and will soon be published in Italy, Hungary and Taiwan as well. So cool to think of people from all corners of the world voyaging in their minds to 1663 Manhattan.

Lucky Peach 3

The jacket designers at 10/18 and Viking must have been drinking the same KoolAid. Look at the art for The Orphanmaster’s softcover… it hits the stands in America April 30.

Orphanmaster Paper Official Cover

I don’t know if the vulnerable child in either image is meant to represent a specific character in the story, but all I can think of is one of my favorite characters, the toddler Sabine, known as “the Bean,” she with the winning way and persistent lisp, holding up her just-baked “tookie,” blissfully unconscious of the evil that stalks her. Luckily she’s got Blandine van Couvering covering her back.


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4 responses to “The Orphanmaster-edition Francais


    I still prefer the original cover for the hardback. By the way, I find that translator MAXIME BERREE has worked on LOTS of titles, book topics ranging from Nelson Mandela to Homer Simpson, from Thomas Carlyle to The Hobbit and Harry Potter (Movie Guides); Amazon has a list of 24. I wonder what she’s paid, per word.

  2. Thomas

    Thomas: While both are engaging covers, I feel the French is particularly effective because of two qualities: the expression on the cherub’s face and the large hand holding her small one. The expression in the first seems to betray a shadow of doubt or insecurity. After reading the novel, the hand speaks for itself.

  3. Lisa

    C’est magnifique; extraordinaire! Tu est un auteur formidable!

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