Tight Ends and Dips

Seriously, why don’t I make spinach-artichoke dip every day?


A good pinch of cayenne sticks it. Is there a law that you make something so good only for consuming during games?

I’m going to play my own game while everyone watches theirs. I’m planning to knit. A piece the color of wet cement. P2tog, leave stitches on left needle, bring yarn to back of work and k2tog through the same stitches from left needle.


Of course I’ll check out the action every so often, at the grave risk of dropping a stitch. Got to see what those tight ends are up to. Keep an eye on that spinach dip, too. Go Ravens!


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4 responses to “Tight Ends and Dips

  1. The deiinitfon “secular” is not my deiinitfon. It’s the deiinitfon of a culture that still considers faith in a god to be the default, and therefore needs to tag asOther” anything that deviates from that default. And since we’re living in a Jewish state, that default defaults (::snort::) to Judaism.I am an atheist. I am only “secular” in the same way that gay people are “sick” to homophobes. Your question is like the one of the aforementioned homophobes asking a gay person “why are you sick.”

  2. Representing for my Baltimore relations.

  3. Lisa

    And, by “Go Ravens,” I think you actually meant, go NINERS!

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