The Fuddy

It is finished. The blanket, THE blanket, the lap throw that beat up all the other lap throws, the knitted Christmas blanket for my husband.

blanket full on

Some questioned whether it would ever be done. I don’t even know how many stripes it has.

When Maud was little she had a blue flannel blanket we called a fuddy, nomenclature derived from Gil’s sister’s family. It was everything to her, she out-Linus’d Linus, tho she never sucked her thumb. As she got older she moved on to clutching a thick, brightly colored silk scarf of mine when she slept. She dreamed better. I still cherish that scarf. The more because she hugged it.


I never had a fuddy. But I sure liked making this one, with love, for Gil.

folded blanket

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  1. Lori

    Good job! Very nicely done! I noticed you used straight knitting, no special fancy patterns or stitches, and that takes fortitude. Hold your head up when others ask who made it, and proudly state that you did.

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