A Brighter Day

The overhead light casts a glow. Hot water gushes from the faucet. The toilets — they do what toilets are supposed to do.

The juice is back. Long live the juice.

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One response to “A Brighter Day

  1. Lori

    You might want to look into putting in a wood stove. All you would need to do is extend that hearth perhaps 3 feet into the room, and there’s your place for a wood stove. They are easy to maintain and cozy. There are wood stoves with flat tops that you can cook on and glass fronts so that you can watch the flames within. They needn’t be large, either. There are many varieties to choose from and they can keep you from being cold, enduring cold water, and not being able to cook. And it would seem to me that you have plenty of wood nearby. I grew up with wood stoves, and I love them. There are even people who will sell you wood that is properly dry, cut to the right size, and they will stack it for you.
    It’s an idea for you to consider. If I were you, I’d get a wood stove.

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