A Flat, a Fox

Sometimes things happen for a reason. Today, for example, I broke down with a flat tire on the Sprain Brook Parkway and had to wait an hour for the garage to come put on the spare. I was much later getting home on this perfect fall day than I wanted to be.

But. As I got near home on my spare, the same road I drive down every day, my road, Cedar Lane, and pulled up to the stop sign, what did I see caroming along the property right next to where I was halted, about ten yards away? A red fox. Wild-looking, brushed with black. It had a look of slight puzzlement: how did I land in this stretch of suburbia? Then it turned tail and dove into the woods, toward my house.

I’d make that trade any day, a flat tire for a fox sighting.

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Filed under Jean Zimmerman, Nature

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