Morning Glory Pesto

Minestrone a la Marcella Hazan for dinner with some Cabinworld adjustments:

onions, farmer’s market carrots, no celery in the house at the moment, farmer’s market potatoes, half a home grown zucchini, farmer’s market green beans, no cabbage at the moment so instead home grown collard greens, pre-enjoyed by garden bugs, homemade chicken broth and all the tomatoes that we can find ripe in the garden (no canned tomatoes at the moment)

for the pesto: home grown basil, tall and healthy but used as a climbing stalk by morning glory vines, combined in the blender with slivered almonds (no pine nuts at the moment), Noreen’s home grown garlic, olive oil and good cheese

While we work down in the basement kitchen it is glorious end of summer above outside, the temperature perfect, a whispering breeze. We’ll have to eat outside. Again. How long can this perfection go on? Like the minestrone, perfect encompasses imperfect as the beautiful end of summer includes the bare fact of the end of summer.

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