Green Tomatoes and The Orphanmaster

Funny, as I was standing in a Wisconsin farm kitchen prepping tiger-striped tomatoes for salsa two days ago…

Ripe Heirloom Greens

The Orphanmaster was making the top of the bestseller list for Boswell Book Company in Milwaukee.

It happens to be a great bookstore, with about the most energetic proprietor — Daniel Goldin — I’ve met along the way this summer.

Tonight I cooked with tomatoes out of my own garden, and ate outside to the tune of late-summer cicadas. The creeping in of early Fall. I’m going to update this site with coming events, and I’m looking forward to talking more on The Orphanmaster, having grown attached to my picture presentation (maps, red heels, fur hand muffs, etc.) and peoples’ enjoyment at seeing first-hand evidence of the character of 17th century New Amsterdam.

But I’m also ready to go back to Savage Girl, my new book, make it better and send it along its way to publication.

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