Chimes of Freedom

Plowing through puddles on I94 with lightning electrifying the morning sky, en route from Milwaukee to Wausau. Listening to Lucinda Live, Change the Locks.
From The Last Tycoon; There are a lot of ways through the mountains, one of them optimal, others less so, but the important thing is that someone has to choose how the tracks are laid.
Last night, Boswell’s, enthusiasm for Fiercely as well as Orphanmaster. Newton and Edith thank you.
On to Janke’s in Wausau at 5:00, last event on this tour but scattered gigs back east in the Fall.
For now, a stop to pick up 10 year old cheddar at the Maus Haus.


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2 responses to “Chimes of Freedom

  1. Hack Attack

    Mary, thanks so much for your interest. Living in the cabin is indeed fabulous..a time machine. jean

  2. Hello Ms. Zimmerman – there was no “comment” box on your “Blog Cabin” post but I wanted to tell you how fabulous that little cabin looks and sounds. You must indeed love living there! I’ve always wanted a little cabin in the woods myself. Also, per the “Chimes of Freedom” above, I’ve just started reading Love, Fiercely and am loving it immensely. I was drawn to it by the cover photo–I saw the original portrait some 15 years ago at the D.C. National Gallery – a HUGE Sargent exhibit–and fell in love with JSS. More on that another time. Good luck on your book tour! You were in my old stomping grounds….born in Chicago. Cheers!

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