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Swimming in Lake Michigan is like swimming in the Atlantic and taking a shower at the same time. And drinking a glass of water as you go. We had a chance to stretch out on the sand this morning after the Original Pancake House and before Interstate 94.

Last night at The Book Stall in Winnetka was cozy and great, a few people I knew — including a woman I hadn’t seen since we were girls shovel-scraping together on a summer archaeological dig so many years ago! — and a bunch who were new to me. (The store was ranked #1 indie book store by Publishers Weekly for 2012.)

I like talking to a combination of people who had read The Orphanmaster or had not, taking them by the hand and showing them some of the oddities of European culture in Dutch New Amsterdam in the old days, New York before it was called New York. And I’m finding that quite a few people have read not only the novel but Love, Fiercely. Tonight in my talk at Boswell’s, in Milwaukee, I’ll be talking about both books and the differences between writing fiction and nonfiction. The event’s at 7pm if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

Our hotel in Milwaukee is the only thing in the neighborhood not being rebuilt; we’re surrounded by dirt and earth moving machinery and jack hammers. Restful if you’re in a certain mood.

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