Meat Me at H-Mart

Beef heels, pork jowls, bulgogi. These are the cuts I didn’t get at H-Mart today. It’s a huge pan-Asian supermarket around 20 minutes from the cabin and is the type of place where you can get beasts chopped up in innumerable different formats (I didn’t need chicken feet, I brought some home recently for soup). There were piles and piles of produce, leaves and bulbs I’d never heard of or seen. Wild-caught fish, like the red snapper fresh with slime that I had the fishmonger clean (head off, please) to bake later. This place is an oasis in Shop-Rite-Ville, Westchester County. We don’t even have to cook dinner tonight since we got seaweed and fermented black beans and dumplings and kimchi to go.

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