Greening Up

In the woods today:

A tiny curled shoot emerging from a bed of moss. Only the lightest shading of green across the canopy. Spring seems reluctant to take another step forward, which is just how I like it.

I remember years ago I was between books and broke beyond broke. I threw myself on the mercy of a local caterer who put me to work chopping onions, frying crab cakes, rolling out biscuits, etc. It was just before Passover and Easter, and we were knee deep in brisket. I loved to cook, but not like this.

After a few weeks of aching feet and minimum wage rewards, a book job came along, saving me from the scullery.

I’m making frozen lime squares for Easter, a recipe I hijacked from that kitchen, something good that came out of the experience — although I also believe that the book job came karmically out of my willingness to do that dreck kitchen work. Do something you’re not crazy about doing and get something you want. Something like that.

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