A Rainy Forecast

It’s raining this morning, a gentle spattering. Oh, really? How novel. Doesn’t Seattle ever get bored with its own weather?

Over halibut with pea shoots and a molten brownie, I talked with eight or so owners, buyers and marketers for local book stores last night. A splendid bunch. Especially since they really seemed to dig The Orphanmaster. I’ve got to get away from the West Coast, there’s something in the water here that makes people resonate to Kitane, Blandine and the others, and it’s going to my head!

Something in the water. Maybe it’s something in the rain. In that case I hope it rains all over the country when the book comes out on June 19th.

I always thought it was impossibly corny when authors said their characters “came to life” before their eyes, but I have to say I feel a bit about that with The Orphanmaster‘s crew.

Turning the corner of Stone Street onto Broadway in lower Manhattan, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to bump into Martyn Hendrickson with his swashbuckling cloak and plumed hat, floating on a cloud of  French perfume. I’d run the other way, naturally.

So for the sake of the people in The Orphanmaster, the ones I set in motion but who took on lives of their own, I hope they get a chance to come out and meet as many people as possible. Wouldn’t you like to meet Blandine today as she struts her stuff down Pearl Street, emerald petticoat aflutter? Not to mention the sensitive stud Edward Drummond. I know I would.

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