Fish Whiskers

A blimp is hovering over my hotel as I write this. It seems to be shadowless, and all the boys and girls in red shirts playing endless games of basketball in the playground across from my window don’t look up. Maybe only I can see it?

Dinner last night with a crew of bookstore owners and Viking’s local sales rep. Everyone passionate about selling books — I hope about selling my book! Whereever I go, book people have the long knives out for Amazon, not surprisingly. And yet these guys reiterated their belief that despite the e-world,  print is not going away, nor are independent book stores.

Speaking of long knives, I visited the Long Beach Aquarium today and among other marvels saw the sea lion show, with the 500 pound creatures jumping, diving, barking their heads off. I was interested to see one minder exhaust his bucket of snack fish chunks and turn the pail upside down to pour the leftover blood into the throat of the nearest pinniped.

There, I got that noun in a sentence.

California Sea Lion

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