My Peeps

I couldn’t sleep last night. Peepers! Brave, plaintive, calling out all night for a mate. They’re early this year, as responsive to global warming as all nature. But I’m happy to hear them, the throng of them in the marsh surrounding the cabin. (It’s the males making the noise.)

Pseudacris crucifer

Spring peepers try to outdo each other when their numbers are larger, and make a more aggressive call. All together, nothing can drown they out! Their only foe here in our marsh: the snakes, which are just now beginning to stir.

As big as your thumbnail, they are one of the world’s smallest frogs. On Martha’s Vineyard they are called “pinkletinks.”

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  1. Gil Reavill

    Sunday night, March 11, one single peeper. Monday, a whole host. What happened in between? Did they all hatch? Also, I want to get a decibel estimate when they are in full throat next month.

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