A Neo Con Brio

Amazing Love’s Crush and Otello Bruto were in excellent form today. These Neapolitan Mastiffs were so calm, so regal, so imposing, that it is easy to believe this dog was bred as a staunch guard of the family and property. The breed is fearless and independent but very rarely barks, and it has a beautiful silvery grey coat.

We spent time with two of them at the Westminster Dog Show, up close in the slobber-flinging zone, since there were only two contestants. More and the ring might have exploded.

We saw Giant Schnauzers and some wonderful mop dogs (the real name excapes me) but more than anything I loved these wrinkled, dignified Mastiffs. I like to imagine a Neapolitan Mastiff centuries ago, guarding a Medici’s castle keep. Later, the Gilded Age adored large breeds, with a greyhound or great dane or afghan hound at your knee a sure sign of distinction. Because it showed you had a big enough house to accomodate one?

Maybe I could insert a Neo into the late 19th century tale I’m working on now.

Handsome Guy

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