Utter Cupidity

Jumping the gun on Valentine’s Day — which I am celebrating by going to the Westminster Dog Show with Gil.

Did you know that bridegrooms were served three courses of asparagus at their prenuptial dinner in nineteenth century France? Earlier, English herbalist Nicholas Culpepper opined that asparagus “stirs up lust in man and woman.”

Succulent Spears

Alexandre Dumas dined on almond soup every night before rendezvousing with his mistress. Samson hooked Delilah with the same nut.

And the Aztecs’ name for the avocado plant was Ahuacuatl, the “testicle tree.” Catholic priests in Spain in days gone by found the fruit so obscene, they banned its consumption.

Chocoholic Lous XIV made love to his wife twice a day at the age of 72.

Food for thought.

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