The virtues of age

Like some other people, maybe, the older I get the younger I feel. It doesn’t matter that I can no longer leap over a wall with only a hand to support me — oh wait, could I ever do that? — or that I have a brain fart now and then. In my mind’s eye I am as juvenile and smart and sassy, not to mention as beautiful, as ever. Does everyone out there feel this way?

It makes me think of a certain tree.

This grande dame is an olive tree that is 3,000 years old — the oldest olive tree, I think, in the world — and she is still producing olives. Funny, she looks to be all root. Maybe rootedness is what preserved her.

Yet young trees are as admirable as old ones. An old tree fell across the street from my house, and it was replaced by this sweet little weeping cherry.

No, she’s not going to produce olives anytime soon, or even cherries. But seeing her keeps me young.

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    I just read a book about olive oil entitled “Extra Virginity,” which was very informative and life changing.  I have incorporated high quality oil into my diet with a daily morning slurp.  I highly recommend both the book and using good oil.  There is a huge difference.   It may not be a fountain of youth, but it couldn’t hurt.   Turning 70 in May, a little self-delusion can go along way.  Who needs to remember names.  My approach to aging  is to give up nothing.   I put the Overstory on my wish list.  The reviews on Audible were that the narrator was bland and the first half was way better than the second, which is usually the case with nonfiction.  I may just read it on Kindle. If you want to talk to Linda Cooper, the regional parks administrator, about tree work for the parks, her number is 914 941 8188 (home) and you can tell her I said to call.  I have known her well for 40 years.  Best,  

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