The Root of It All

Today I found myself gazing at a root. At a fringe of roots actually, fine strands that hung in the soil below the trunk bottom like a mustache. A sidewalk was being ripped up so that a new one could be installed, and that meant that the Platunux x Acerfolia (London Plane Tree) had its vital organs exposed to the air for the first time in a very long time. My job was to be the tree’s guardian, to make sure that no harm came to those precious roots. I am an Arborist.


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2 responses to “The Root of It All

  1. Chris Cortright

    Speaking of roots, I was walking by a small display in a grasses garden here in Baltimore, and the garden description illustration (in a school yard) explained how invasive species have less deep roots than native plants. Just a footnote thought.

  2. Zimmerman Betty and Steve

    Jean….for some reason, this came in on our junk mail.



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