Bloom Time

My new novel is blooming. Much like the amaryllis opening up beside my desk, at the window overlooking the marsh. This plant with its glowing greenish-white flowers doesn’t care about the snow and cold, it’s gonna display it’s stop-motion beauty on its own time, as it pleases. I’m just there to write it along.

amaryllis 1





amaryllis 6



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3 responses to “Bloom Time

  1. Ann, we have owls here, too, nesting in the trees. I hear them converse in the hours before midnight on calm, clear nights. Owls are great.
    That amaryllis is lovely, Jean. I prefer the ones with lots of color, myself, but just watching them bloom makes my life a happy place.

  2. I hope they’re still there when I visit!


    Many an amaryllis has entertained me, too… such high drama! No new novels are blooming here (best wishes for yours), but (have you heard?) a pair of owls is nesting on a fourth floor veranda, with four eggs, and the parents’ flight path crosses in front of my own railing at eye level. Great Horned Owls, I’m pretty sure.

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