Tweet or Not to Tweet

The gloaming is coming earlier these days. The Cabin, cozy as it is, can be small.

Halloween Cabin

Our winter is heated by wood more than sun.


Fewer outdoor adventures, unless you want to really bundle up. A dive instead back into a small pink knitting project.

pink knitting

Oliver wants to lay down on the already-cold grass. I don’t.

oliver cold grass

What to do? Something new.

First I asked an intern to escort me through the twisted corridors of Twitterdom. Why do this at all? was my first thought, my eye wandering over the overwhelming Twitter feed. Well, said Carlos, my intern, you might find something interesting.


Ahhh, that.

I went to the Metropolitan Museum’s profile to see who the greatest art institution in America was wont to follow, and discovered a thousand crazy, creative persons and places I didn’t know existed, that I want to know more about.


Only connect, as Forster said. Easy for him to say. He didn’t have FB, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., etc.

Catch me at @jeanczimmerman and we’ll tweet.


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2 responses to “Tweet or Not to Tweet

  1. True, a little overwhelming sometimes. But that there’s a world out there — many worlds — that I didn’t know about. I like that.


    Sure. I tell myself that I might find something interesting. Some days, I feel that my daily life has been reduced to bits and pieces of too many unrelated topics, just the headlines; for a while now, I’ve tried to console myself, saying I actually prefer knowing just a little bit about each of a variety of things, but not very much about any one thing. So I don’t know what Forster meant by *Only connect* … and just now, I decided to *live in fragments no longer.” But then I read about that BBC quiz show… yikes… in which connections must be made between apparently unconnected things, where patience and lateral thinking are as vital as knowledge… Only connect? No, I’m not game for that. Or maybe I am; I might find it interesting.

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